We offer our customers an exclusive range of sheet metal works. Sheet metal parts are made by metal stamping and include a variety of processes like bending, flanging, embossing and metal punching. Precision sheet metal works using the latest technologies in metalworking, we are continually expanding and upgrading our own manufacturing processes to assure that we can offer the capability and capacity you are looking for. Our sheet metal works are also known for features like corrosion resistant finish and abrasion resistance.

Our sheet metal works include sheet metal enclosures, sheet metal cabinets, electrical cabinets, electrical enclosures etc. these parts are fabricated using latest technologies and skilled professionals. These components are widely appreciated for its cost effective nature and quality construction. Our precision sheet metal works have an exclusive finish with automatic conveyorised facility and nano-technology rxcentre24 of pre-treatment. The design of our sheet metal works is well taken care and Balaji Metal Tech uses CAD CAM and other softwares namely Metals Soft, Fabriwin, API00, Solid Works.

Our Sheet Metal Works is applicable in a wide range:

  • Industrial equipments.
  • Medical equipments.
  • Electronic equipments.